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Fieldstone Farm is run by Jon and Val Curran. Both Jon and Val have followed early interests in farming into a growing Red Devon cattle operation. Located in the southern portion of Northumberland County’s rolling hills, their aim is to focus on the growing public interest in grass fed beef. Their research has pointed them to the Red Devon as the perfect animal for their needs. Trials run by Jon demonstrated the viability of grass finishing for the consumer market and solid feedback from consumers provided the needed encouragement.


Semen for Sale

For all inquiries surrounding semen purchases, please contact us.
(905) 261-1599


Well muscled bull with good genetics from New Zealand. He is recommended for adult cows due to the fact that extended pregnancy and larger calves are common. 

This bull is not polled.  


Johann J73 is the son of Gowan Ross Zapper Z88 who was Brisbane Grand Champion in 2007 and Devon feature show 2008. His dam, Belar Gentle K88 was purchased by Alison as a 12-year-old with her 10th calf at foot. her teeth were worn from years of drought, but she successfully reared three more calves. Her udder and teats remained sound throughout her entire life. 
This bull is polled.


Tapuwae 912 a twin has proven himself in the Tapuwae Herd. Leaving offspring with heifers having nice tidy udders. 
This bull is polled.


Tapuwae 143 was sired by Woodlands 511, a low birth weight bull used on heifers. 143 is a well-muscled deep-bodied bull.
This bull is polled.


Tapuwae 635, a polled bull.

Owned by Arthur Beazley, New Zealand

He is selected for the depth of body, temperament, and excellent genetic lines throughout.


Jatz J60 is the son of Vix Zinger Z120 who is the Devon breed plan trait leading sire for 400 & 600-day weight. EBV’s predict him to be an easy calving bull and is rated top 5% EMA and top 20% for 400 & 600-day weight, scrotal size, and carcass weight. Jatz is backed by animals of sound structure and desirable udder and teat shapes. Zingers mother, Palinga Plum Q12 was Grand Champion Devon female at Sydney Royal Show judged by Gerald Fry in 2005. Palinga was 10 years old at the time with Zinger at foot. Zinger is now 13 and still breeding very sound cattle with performance records in the top 5% in Aust/NZ


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1454 Bowmanton Rd

(905) 261-1599


(905) 261-1599

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